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 I tried to sell PEACE… and realized I couldn’t!

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Spring 2016

From: The Desk of Niamo Nancy Muid

RE: PrevImprimiriously Hidden Knowledge Combines Universal Laws with Practicality and Solves “The Secret” and “Law of Attraction” Puzzles For All Time

Dear Friend,

There’s a lot of horrific news out there but I’m a stand for that glimmer of hope.

So, despite the bad news, I am writing you to promote UNIVERSAL SUPPORT of oneness, cultural understanding, health and wealth for everyone.

Nine (9) simple wordsName, Praise, Master, Unify, Serve, Ask, Receive, Push and Expand, have re-established my grounding in terra firma and, in a word, saved me.  To me it’s urgent you know these words so you can feel connected, restored and reignited, too.

I am a former wallflower and hider who is no longer shielding people from who I really am and what I have to offer. (whew!)

After retiring from my city job recently, I received these profound laws for loving life in an astounding way, and my mission became to share this information with the world.

Maybe you’re not about to retire.

Maybe you work yourself “to death” and hide pain and frustration — you juggle work and family obligations and never get enough “me” time. And yet, everyone still depends on you.

You could be sick of it all, and be physically ill from burying your emotions and dreams instead of living your passion and feeling fulfilled.

You’ve got to stop doing this to yourself! This is why I wrote Nine Principles for Loving Living, and why I want you to access it as soon as you can.

Maybe you feel YOU COULD DO MORE to affect events where you live or even in the world. As they say, this is no dress rehearsal. My book may be a catalyst for you.

Read or hear it today. For $17 you can order the EBook plus 12 1-hour audios (MP3’sand the Free Report you already chose.

LOVING LIVING means actively loving your life with energy, heart and spirit instead of proclaiming, “God is good” or “It’s All Good,” and then kicking yourself or crying with resentment when alone, because of all the stuff YOU refuse to deal with.

Suppressing emotions, being aggressive with people and blaming others for your plight— these types of behaviors result in tragedy and catastrophe. The results are all over the news.

If we have anything in common, maybe it’s that you wish you knew how to take it all in and remain calm and not explode yourself!

IGNORE YOUR TRUTH AT YOUR PERIL! I did just that for 30 years. I had the picture perfect family. Only thing missing was the dog — we had two cats. There was an undercurrent that nobody outside could see.

Hypocrisy was the name of my life, but I had to be strong and “handle my business,” no matter how dirty “the laundry.”  I asked the Universe, why?

I was told: You don’t get more than you can handle.

I found it challenging to handle fidelity problems, abuse issues, living with 11 people, belonging to a near-cult, three young people’s suicides. (Not all at the same time but close!)

On top of that, every time I turned around a young person was hounded and killed by police action. This made it much too much.

This nightmare told me I had no control, no influence, no impact at all on what was going on out there OR closer to home in my own world.

I couldn’t change a thing! But I kept praying, meditating, doing spiritual work; and finally it dawned on me that I had to change my view of life. With the help of the Nine Principles, I took back my life, unlearned struggle and resignation and “received” definite knowledge that I would one day be successful and fulfilled.

That “one day” sure took a long time coming. I devoured The Secret and Law of Attraction videos, and many meditation and self-hypnosis audios, but what I needed was GENERATIONAL DE-STRESSING! The GURUS didn’t address that!


It seemed that this stuckness, this overwhelming feeling of too-much-ness had been building for centuries! My parents and grandparents had it too.

Everyone in my neighborhood, who worked hard with little to show for it, seemed afflicted.

Actually, mine started back when I was fresh out of college—that’s when I began to notice it.

I worked at a national magazine and had three female bosses. The stress was unbelievable. Like a robot, I was on automatic and scared to speak up or offer anything, even if I had a good idea.

I didn’t realize it was an apprenticeship, a necessary life role I explain in Nine Principles. (Master, #3)

And I didn’t want to throw myself to the wolves by speaking my mind. My heroes were jailed or killed for expressing themselves!

It was conform or else! (Sound familiar?)

STAY STUCK, OR WIN THE BATTLE OF LIFE. My worry about the future and feelings of anxiety were debilitating. I didn’t even expect that I’d live past 50 or  ever have a family!

I visited “spiritual advisors” who were anything but. (see chapter 5, Serve)

I gazed from skyscraper windows and into oncoming traffic, really feeling the pain of not being able to take it anymore. (see chapter 6,  Ask)

Then, a coworker lent me Your Word is Your Wand (Shinn) and a boyfriend gave me the  Quran (the revelation of Prophet Muhammad). (See chapter 7, Receive)

From these books I discovered I could use words to change everything! My personal shift and transformation thus began – but oh so gently….

BELIEVE IT OR NOT I ignored these books’ very similar, on-point message for over 30 years.   I COULD NOT LIVE WITH MYSELF if I let you do the same thing! Too much is at stake. 


Well, Nine Principles for Loving Living breaks down simple laws of life and demonstrates how change in all areas –from inside out– is possible.  Nine chapters explain:

Name What you are called tells about you, tells ON you, and tells how to invent what you want. I give you a nine (9)-point naming process for real power over your circumstances. (25 pages)

Praise Use it to augment strengths, overrule flaws, leverage disputes and become smarter, sharper and more attuned to oneness and therefore why you are here. With scientific validation of effects. (22 pgs)

Master Apply six (6) steps to ramp up good works/purpose. Talents vs. skills vs. genius. Mentor, lead and model without even trying. (32 pp)

Unify Align with like minds and mastermind, without losing your shirt or individuality. Feel more grounded, protected and uplifted knowing the 11 traits The Oneness loves and the 10 traits It does not. (26 pgs)

My “Million Dollar Store” grand opening with Elizabeth, NJ mayor Chris Bollwage cutting the ribbon, surrounded by me, council members, other leaders. 2013. What a trip–described in the book! (Ch. 8, PUSH!!)

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Serve Overcome feeling un-included; discover your “help,” “hope” and “giving” instincts and your creative niche. Worship and service are fraternal and identical twins; benefits of each explained. (29 pgs)

Ask Be careful making requestsNiamo-pkg-Bundle-1-edited
of life, since you manifest your passion. This is law; scriptures and physics agree. Accelerate cycles of plenty by asking the right, hard questions; heeding answers. (27 pgs)

Receive Explains the right path; personalized; seen and unseen. Four types of receive modes, one of which is toxic. Includes the five pillars of Submission, and energy healing and feng shui aspects. (40 pgs)

Push Since you’ll need a push when you least expect it, here are four (4) best ways to handle rage, tests and push-pull-struggles. (30 pgs)

Expand Five (5) ways to replenish when depleted, prevent frustration and ensure your deeds benefit the here-and-now and the future. Includes guided meditation and the examples of Solomon and Jabez. (58 pgs)

I know this is a long story, and I’m glad you have read this far. In a nutshell, a 1,400-year-old prayer and chant – the opening verse of The Reading (Quran, Islam’s most sacred text) gives us the Nine Principles.  Now you understand the long introduction.

Think of  Nine Principles as a survey of the final text in the Abrahamic trilogy (which begins with Old and New Testaments).

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    • DEFINITIONS — Applied Principles. How to spot each principle and locate  yourself within your own trajectory; how to take in today’s news and understand the relevance of global changes to your life while claiming peace and power, no matter what. (Ahem. That’s loving living!)
    • RELATIONSHIPS HELP — Ways to view and improve your relationships with fresh eyes, ears, heart and spirit. As the saying goes, If you don’t start
      nuttin, wont’ be nuttin!
    • MONEY-ATTRACTION TIPS —  This has to embrace our most beloved Internet! Learn how to position yourself to access online opportunities, and you’ll realize the 9P’s contain universal prosperity tools whose time is NOW.
  • 2.  “Introduction to Nine Principles” Overview – 13 min MP3 Audio
  • 3.  Guided Meditation Audio – 8+-min MP3 Audio For Focus, Relaxation, and Enhanced  Visualization Ability — Envision Yourself BEYOND Your Present Horizon.

Everything  is accessible by your computer,  laptop, iPad or tablet, and smartphone. 

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GET  UNSTUCK so you are aligned with your “highest and best self” immediately. This is possible after reading the first chapter, Name, alone!  AND,  within SEVEN (7) DAYS, these could be your two takeaways:

1) You’ll know all coincidences, cycles, systems, patterns and blips are reminders to use your best efforts to SERVE HUMANITY, and

2) You’ll acknowledge YOUR ROLE AS A MESSAGE BEARER of Universal Support for Everyone, as only YOU can live it and BE it. From Love, as Love, and with Love, actively loving living…whether you consider yourself “large” and “small,” “street sweeper,”  “working stiff” or “royalty.”

>>>>Of course, you still might conclude this is a veiled attempt to push a religion.<<<

If you mean the religion of spirituality, of holistically loving living, you’d be right.

Every group has its own congregational rites, its own standards of fulfillment. (Yoga, mantras, mindfulness are all recent additions to the rites and mindset of the West.)

This is so we can delight in one another! This is what loving living is about — being unafraid of difference and embracing it. Look, take a hard look at nature. LOOK AGAIN.

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I’m praying you will buy my book package. Here’s what I did when “the veil was lifted”:

  • Submitted to my life’s purpose
  • Renamed and praised my condition (Chapters 1&2)
  • Was no longer frozen in place, not moving backward or forward (Chapter 8 tells why that’s a no-no!)
  • Mastered my creativity (Chapter 3), and
  • Became comfortable with delegating what I should STOP doing (Chapters 5&6)

Now I am blessed to know my purpose and am honored to help you know yours.

Loving living as I live and breathe,




I’m giving you a 60-day, 100% cash money-back guarantee. If for any reason the book does not meet your expectations, you have 60 days to request a refund. Your $17 will be returned and you will get to keep everything, no questions asked. By the way, your credit card or bank statement will show a charge from ClickBank or CLKBANK* not 9principlesbooks.com. 


I’d love to hear how your reading and listening goes. Send your comments to:  info@9principlesbooks.com


Role models who reflect the nine principles: Malala, the world’s most popular Muslim. Teenager and Nobel Laureate Malala Yuousafzai did not retreat but blossomed after being shot in the head for going to school as a female! (ExpaPhoto of Malaland) African American Bree Newsome courageously climbed a flagpole, removed the Confederate flag and helped ban the flag from government property in South Carolina. (Push)  Mandela, Mother Theresa, Buddha, Jesus Christ and Muhammad — LIVED and BREATHED the nine principles and when you read the book you’ll understand how this can be true.

Anthropologist Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


I Want To Thank You Once More.  You Have Made A Great Investment In The Future Of Your World AND The World!  I appreciate your joining me.

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